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Even Toddlers Know I’m A Hack

I’ve lived in Utah for the majority of my life, minus the year I spent in Las Vegas trying to prove to my parents that I was too cool for small town living. I’m actually not too cool for anything. My home state is known for it’s stellar outdoor activities including hiking, water skiing, mountain […]

Dialogue Is My Downfall & Other Writing Conundrums

My writing coach hurt my feelings last week but not because she’s an evil Grinch who wants to see me rot in the pits of writing hell, at least I don’t think she does. She wants me to strive for the next level of writing and I, on the other hand, want to stay where […]

Happy Horse Shit

I remember when TGIF meant something special in my life. A night out at the bar, dancing until my feet were bleeding (which also included me sweating like an obese hog in a marathon), and sleeping all day Saturday. Now it means my kids have two days off school, I have two days to vacuum […]