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Happy Horse Shit

I remember when TGIF meant something special in my life. A night out at the bar, dancing until my feet were bleeding (which also included me sweating like an obese hog in a marathon), and sleeping all day Saturday. Now it means my kids have two days off school, I have two days to vacuum […]

Marriage, Kids & Valentine’s Day: A Match Made In The Fiery Pits Of Hell

My mind has shredded the memories I had of what it was like to be single on Valentine’s Day and pretty much every other day of the year. Mostly. It’s always disheartening to see posts on social media or hear conversations from people who are single during this Hallmark, chocolate covered, diamond ring buying holiday because […]

It’s My Party, I’ll Complain If I Want To

In the midst of complaining about my sink full of dirty dishes and the laundry list of holiday preparations that piss me off, I sat down to read a little ditty my friend had linked on Facebook. It was an article about why we should all stop complaining during the holidays…and preferably all year long. […]