Book Reviews

Mandy Brasher

Am I a professional book reviewer? No. Do I read a hundred books a month? No. Am I qualified to review any book on the face of the planet? Doubtful. Will that stop me? Highly unlikely. My take on any type of review of anything is always suspicion. I am convinced that the person doing the reviewing is being handed rolls of cash, kept together by rubber bands, for their wonderful quotes of a particular movie or book or face cream. Maybe not. Maybe so. My promise to you is this, I refuse to take money or free hair products for any of my reviews.

Here’s where my book reviews go very wrong, very quickly. These book reviews will be done on books that are outdated, universally heinous or just downright wrong.

You: “How could you be so heartless as to give an author a shitty review? They have a published book, that’s more than you can say.”
Me: “Valid. I find humor in strange places and when I have a published book, please feel free to do your own shitty review, I welcome it.”
You: “What is so funny about your stupid perception of some book that no one has heard about?”
Me: “Only you can answer that. Possibly something, possibly nothing.”

You can check out all my reviews here.

Your book recommendations are always welcome, please contact me as soon as possible.