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When It’s Time For A Drop Kick

Relationships are hard. This may be news to those of you who gave up people and are living in a prefab shed subsisting on 12 gallon barrels of wheat. (What do you folks do with all that wheat? Asking for a friend.) For the rest of us, we are painfully aware of the challenges that come along […]

Brick Feet and My Hatred of Shopping

Nothing is more uncomfortable in my life right now than shoes and being inside a store where I need to buy things and other people are present. Combine the two and and you’ve reached the pinnacle of my own personal Stephen King horror clip. In an attempt to avoid all things shoppy and shoe related, […]

Drunk Cyber Monday…Because I Need A New Cat Shirt

Black Friday makes zero sense to my brain. Even on a regular day, I can’t wait 20 minutes for a table at a nice restaurant without stomping my feet and making a scene, so the idea that I would stand in line for three hours to save 30 bucks on a gaming system that my […]