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Life Is A Beautiful, Messy, Cluster Fudge

Today I watched a human being come into this world and if you haven’t ever experienced this…I don’t really recommend it. Unless you plan on training for a few years, drink lots of coffee, and have an overpowering sense of love for at least one person in the room. Preferably everyone in the room. (Minus […]

5 Reasons I’m As Competent As Trump To Hold The Office Of President

Politics have never really been my thing. I took debate in high school, but was put off by having to argue points that I didn’t believe in just to get a good grade. One day I showed up late to a class debate after sluffing my morning classes, and the debate teacher sent me to […]

I F’ing Know It’s Taking Forever

When I was pregnant with my daughter, 13 years ago (yikes!!) people thought it was witty to say things like “That baby is taking forever to get here.” or “Aren’t you ready to pop?”. The answer to both those questions when you are a sweaty pregnant woman who has packed on an extra 60 pounds […]