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Drunk Cyber Monday…Because I Need A New Cat Shirt

Black Friday makes zero sense to my brain. Even on a regular day, I can’t wait 20 minutes for a table at a nice restaurant without stomping my feet and making a scene, so the idea that I would stand in line for three hours to save 30 bucks on a gaming system that my […]

Life Is A Beautiful, Messy, Cluster Fudge

Today I watched a human being come into this world and if you haven’t ever experienced this…I don’t really recommend it. Unless you plan on training for a few years, drink lots of coffee, and have an overpowering sense of love for at least one person in the room. Preferably everyone in the room. (Minus […]

5 Reasons I’m As Competent As Trump To Hold The Office Of President

Politics have never really been my thing. I took debate in high school, but was put off by having to argue points that I didn’t believe in just to get a good grade. One day I showed up late to a class debate after sluffing my morning classes, and the debate teacher sent me to […]