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I Like Not Seeing Bloody Body Parts

When I was 17 I watched a colonoscopy and what I assume was some sort of heart surgery. I stood over a man and watched as a doctor used a shiny metal contraption to spread a total stranger’s ribs open until all I could see was a pumping heart and lots of bright red body […]

What If Trump Is A Symptom Of A Bigger Problem?

Those of us who are not following the masses into Trump super church rallies to watch him ridicule Mexicans/women/everyone not white may be looking around thinking “How did this happen?” And there are many reasons. Some are based in political history that I don’t understand and won’t attempt to preach about and other reasons may […]

Your Dog Doesn’t Need A Latte

We took my grandma out for dinner a few weeks ago to an extremely clean, very sneeze proof buffet (which is the only kind I will even consider eating at). Everything was going along smashingly until my sweet grandma turned to me and said “Do you think that’s a service dog?” Across the restaurant, placing […]