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Yes, We Are THOSE People


It’s nearing the end of January, which means I have had my Christmas decorations up for 2 full months. That may seem long enough for most people, but it’s not nearly long enough for me. Not because I have some far reaching admiration for Santa cookie jars or an unwavering need to ugly cry at […]

I’m Not Doing This Shit, New Year Or Not

no thanks

Resolutions are fine and I’ll probably make a few I won’t keep…like exercising more or learning Swahili. I’m more interested in what I’m going to continue not doing this year. I’m on board with being a better person next year, but I’m going to throw out a prediction that will blow your mind…I’ll probably be […]

When It’s Time For A Drop Kick

person kick

Relationships are hard. This may be news to those of you who gave up people and are living in a prefab shed subsisting on 12 gallon barrels of wheat. (What do you folks do with all that wheat? Asking for a friend.) For the rest of us, we are painfully aware of the challenges that come along […]