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I Didn’t Mean To, But I’m Raising Hipsters. Sorry.

We avoid Whole Foods like the plague and I don’t drive a Subaru, but regardless of the fact that I’ve tried to shelter my children from being tree huggers, the unthinkable has happened…I’m raising hipsters. I wasn’t too worried when my youngest wanted a haircut that you would only see in a NYC cafe and […]

At Home Beauty Tips From Dummies

I’ve given up reading magazines. You can blame the internet, but really it’s just a few issues that i have with those glossy prints 1) people don’t look like that 2) even if I could afford that $3,000 scarf, I would never buy it 3) I don’t want your overpriced/under performing beauty products 4) articles […]

Turkey Fail: A Story of Giblets & Penises

Did you enjoy all the food porn from Thanksgiving? The beautifully browned turkeys, plump and shiny sitting on a tasteful serving platter filled to brim with stuffing. Props to all of you amazing chefs and photographers out there, I hope it tasted as good as it looked. The photo you see above is what my […]