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The Pressure To Succeed In January: Let The Memes Guide You

If you aren’t currently at the gym doing at set of 800 burpees or signing a million dollar book deal on your second novel, January is going to be a big fucking let down. Just ask the memes. They have all the answers to a successful month, year, decade, and life and thankfully (nope) they […]

It’s My Party, I’ll Complain If I Want To

In the midst of complaining about my sink full of dirty dishes and the laundry list of holiday preparations that piss me off, I sat down to read a little ditty my friend had linked on Facebook. It was an article about why we should all stop complaining during the holidays…and preferably all year long. […]

Tips On Enjoying Christmas Without An Elf Or A Shelf

There are plenty of fantastic blog posts about how to properly place your Elf on the Shelf for optimum Christmas happiness. Such as… A calender from People I Want To Punch In The Throat. This is a day by day schedule for placing Gooby McGooberpants in randomly selected locales. Helpful shit. These are supposedly creepy […]