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Holiday Giving: Kids, Kindness & Other Crap

We spent some time this weekend in the service of others. Not only because it’s awesome but because I really don’t want to raise my kids to be entitled assholes who wear Abercrombie & Finch sweaters while they whine about the new phone their parents won’t buy for them. There are enough of these people […]

I Hate Parades. There, I Said It.

It’s summertime, bitches. Barbecues, sprinklers, fireworks, frozen drinks and parades. Remember parades when we were kids? When small businesses and schools would create these amazing floats because they wanted to dazzle and entertain. They threw truck loads of salt water taffy and the teenagers in the marching bands actually looked excited to be playing instruments. I’m […]

An Artist Comes To Brunch

Honestly, I don’t like surprises. Unless I plan them, know about them or end up really liking them. Otherwise, please don’t surprise me. My sister doesn’t care about any of that and she always surprises me and it’s usually by bringing new folks to family dinner or inviting some random dude to go on a […]