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The Thing About Living Like You’re Dying

The awkward conversations around our house never cease to amaze me. Two nights ago, while my daughter and I were visiting in the bathroom (nope, that’s not the weird part), my husband informed us of his imminent departure to another room. Me: “See you later, masterbater.” Him: “Your daughter is sitting right there.” Me: “Well […]

My 6 Biggest Irritations….Besides Wearing Jeans Without Underwear

It’s a challenge to narrow them down to only 6, but let’s give it a try. Don’t feel bad if you do any of things or eat any of these things or like any of these things, I’m not here to guilt trip anyone. That’s what your mother-in-law is for. I’m just here to ask […]

Parking Lot Peep Show: My Cringe Worthy Spa Day

If you’re like me, you love a good deal. Especially those groupy coupon things you buy online for restaurants you will never eat at or climbing excursions that seem exciting until you realize you will probably fall to your death. “But it’s such a great deal.” That’s how they suck you in. I’ve purchased everything […]