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Motel Scallywags, Bowel Movements & Clown Cars

Proceed with caution. I’m fucking serious about that. This post is not for the faint of heart, ie; folks who don’t enjoy vomit descriptions and anyone who hasn’t taken a road trip with children in a clown car or a Mazda Miata. The red velvet drapes open on four stupidly  happy people (Spoiler Alert: it’s […]

There Is One Game I’m Really Good At

According to some website I just looked at, two truth and lie is a “classic get-to-know-you icebreaker”. Personally, I think it’s a of the few that I’m really good at winning. You may be thinking  “But winning isn’t the point.”  And to that I say…ummm…yes it is. Since marrying my husband, it’s nearly impossible […]

Tips For Selling Your House From Someone Who Has A Kill Room

For the second time in our married life, my husband and I are selling our house. This is a surprising predicament to find ourselves in because when we bought this house we had planned to live here until our kids moved out. But shit happens. We thought we wanted a huge home and now we […]