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The Thing About Living Like You’re Dying


The awkward conversations around our house never cease to amaze me. Two nights ago, while my daughter and I were visiting in the bathroom (nope, that’s not the weird part), my husband informed us of his imminent departure to another room. Me: “See you later, masterbater.” Him: “Your daughter is sitting right there.” Me: “Well […]

Life Is A Beautiful, Messy, Cluster Fudge


Today I watched a human being come into this world and if you haven’t ever experienced this…I don’t really recommend it. Unless you plan on training for a few years, drink lots of coffee, and have an overpowering sense of love for at least one person in the room. Preferably everyone in the room. (Minus […]

Middle School Is Still As Gross As I Remember

Random Kid in backpack

Miss 13 will venture into her second year of junior high school next week and from what she told me about her experience last year, that place is just as gross as I remember. Awhile back, I wrote a blog post about watching her move from elementary to junior high school (click here to read […]