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Tips On Enjoying Christmas Without An Elf Or A Shelf

There are plenty of fantastic blog posts about how to properly place your Elf on the Shelf for optimum Christmas happiness. Such as… A calender from People I Want To Punch In The Throat. This is a day by day schedule for placing Gooby McGooberpants in randomly selected locales. Helpful shit. These are supposedly creepy […]

Holiday Giving: Kids, Kindness & Other Crap

We spent some time this weekend in the service of others. Not only because it’s awesome but because I really don’t want to raise my kids to be entitled assholes who wear Abercrombie & Finch sweaters while they whine about the new phone their parents won’t buy for them. There are enough of these people […]

I’ve Created A Monster

Last week Miss 12 came home from school with a form from the Honor Society and she didn’t say a word about it. As I walked past the kitchen counter a few days later, I noticed a gold paper atop a pile of bills and grocery lists. “What is this?” I asked her. “Oh it’s […]