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Holiday Giving: Kids, Kindness & Other Crap


We spent some time this weekend in the service of others. Not only because it’s awesome but because I really don’t want to raise my kids to be entitled assholes who wear Abercrombie & Finch sweaters while they whine about the new phone their parents won’t buy for them. There are enough of these people […]

I’ve Created A Monster


Last week Miss 12 came home from school with a form from the Honor Society and she didn’t say a word about it. As I walked past the kitchen counter a few days later, I noticed a gold paper atop a pile of bills and grocery lists. “What is this?” I asked her. “Oh it’s […]

Summer Lessons: A Numbered List

Summer Lessons

September is a sad and exciting time of year for me. The sadness comes from realizing that very soon I will need a coat and insulated snow boots just to open my front door and the exciting part is everything fall. Pumpkin yumminess, layering (which I’m terrible at and always look like vagabond), changing leaves and […]