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50 Shades of Ask For What You Want In The Bedroom

Once in a great while I will receive a text or an email from someone who reads this crap and it will say something like “You should write about _________.” Usually it’s a story they have read in the news or some celebrity bullshit (such as…Kim’s ass photo or Martha Stewart waxing prose on bloggers) […]

Sex Toys and Cheap Furniture

When I began writing seriously  a couple of years ago, I was taking my laptop to the couch, to my bed or to a coffee shop that offered free WiFi. Then I started accumulating papers and business cards, so I filed them in my bedroom closet next to that string bikini I couldn’t fit my […]

Some Love For Photoshop

Remember a couple of months ago when I drunkenly bought myself a boudoir photo session? Here is the post that describes in detail how I agreed to get naked with a complete stranger and be photographed in my underwear. Clearly that decision involved wine ,because I would have never agreed to that had I been […]