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What I Love And Love To Hate

I am a voyeur. I love to know creepy details about other people and I absolutely adore watching how other people function on a day to day basis. It explains my obsession with people watching at Starbucks and watching reality shows back when they were actually real, ie: Intervention, Dateline and Cops. Huge fan. Maybe […]

Winners And Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I need this on a t-shirt, if anyone was interested in shopping for me four months before my birthday. In other news, I picked the winners for the favorite things contest and guess what? All you awesome assholes are getting something!!! I’m talking to the eight of you who shared my post on FB, you […]

Truth: Sex In The Real World

Watching movies as a young girl gave me a warped sense of sexual relationships. I was already deathly afraid of STD’s and pregnancy but I longed for the day that I found the right guy and we would have slow, sensual sex in our beautifully decorated loft apartment. I would be fit and wear a […]