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I Leave And Then Immediately Want To Go Home

I’m in Nashville, sitting in a beautiful craftsman style home with cupboards full of vodka and Keurig cups. There are no kids, no chores, no schedule to speak of. It’s a vacation. The kind of vacation I dream about when my children are whining about homework or begging me to play one more round of […]

Even Toddlers Know I’m A Hack

I’ve lived in Utah for the majority of my life, minus the year I spent in Las Vegas trying to prove to my parents that I was too cool for small town living. I’m actually not too cool for anything. My home state is known for it’s stellar outdoor activities including hiking, water skiing, mountain […]

I Still Don’t Get Disney Hype

Last week we took our first trip to Disney World, our fourth trip to a Disney owned something or other, and I have to say…I still don’t get it. I want to get it, I really do, but it just seems like an overpriced, over-hyped, wannabe wonderland that ends up leaving me filled with regret […]