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People I Met & The Unused Pitch

I’m gauging from the feedback about my near death experience in San Diego that a lot of you thoroughly enjoy reading about other people’s tragedy. I love that about you guys. I’m the first to admit that above any other type of entertainment, real life fuck ups and mishaps always bring a smile to my […]

The Horrors of Traveling

The list of things that make me feel guilt stricken is long and seemingly unending. This week it includes; not having taken my kids to get pumpkins yet, ordering pizza for dinner because I didn’t plan a well balanced meal, spending money (on anything), and now I can add another to the list….having a terrible […]

Stranded On An Island

Island fever is apparently a real thing. Some of the signs include; jumping off a steep cliff head first into the ocean, manic drives around the circumference of your island and drinking too many blended cocktails whilst building an escape raft out of straws and duct tape. Any and all of those seem preferential to […]