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My Giving Challenge: Ugh, Blah and Love

Day 14: What is a gift? It was destined to happen, right? The day where I was so busy, so overwhelmed, and could’t see how or where I would fit in giving a gift. That was today. I needed to do payroll, get some writing assignments sent off and get back home in time to […]

My Giving Challenge: Parting With Money And Food

Quote courtesy of Day 12: Parting With Money There are times in my life where I needed help. I was 19 years old when I started school and decided that having roommates while I attempted to work full time, attend classes at night and try to sleep, just wasn’t going to work out. I […]

My Giving Challenge: A Prayer, A Gift For Me, and Rolls

Day 7: A Prayer I don’t pray. There was a time in my life when I was active in an organized religion and a time immediately after that when I gave up on anything spiritual. I am only now beginning to find a happy medium that works for me and prayer hasn’t been something I […]