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My Giving Challenge: Culture and Flowers For A Friend

Day 17: Culture If you don’t live in Utah you may not be aware of the other holiday we celebrate, July 24th. It’s yet another excuse to spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks, fight off crowds to watch mediocre parade floats and bail on work. I think the last one is the whole reason for […]

My Giving Challenge: Ugh, Blah and Love

Day 14: What is a gift? It was destined to happen, right? The day where I was so busy, so overwhelmed, and could’t see how or where I would fit in giving a gift. That was today. I needed to do payroll, get some writing assignments sent off and get back home in time to […]

My Giving Challenge: Parting With Money And Food

Quote courtesy of Day 12: Parting With Money There are times in my life where I needed help. I was 19 years old when I started school and decided that having roommates while I attempted to work full time, attend classes at night and try to sleep, just wasn’t going to work out. I […]