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Writing A Book Makes No Sense…To You

In the midst of feeling really confident about how far I’ve come with my writing and the many steps I’ve taken to get my manuscript closer to an actual book, I came up against a wall. That wall was my husband. There is no one to blame here and certainly we all have things that […]

Book Reviews And What I’m Reading

When I launched this site in January I had big plans to do book reviews, weekly posts, finish my own book, write for other blogs and somehow find time to take a shower. Some of it has happened (not usually the showers) and some of it hasn’t. Like the book reviews. Initially I wanted to […]

The Drawbacks Of Writing Real Life Crap

These days I spend the hours that my children are at school working on what my husband likes to call “my college degree.” I’m learning how to be a writer. Due to my lack of earnings and the many hours of research I undertake every day, he has kindly equated this time in my life […]