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I F’ing Know It’s Taking Forever

When I was pregnant with my daughter, 13 years ago (yikes!!) people thought it was witty to say things like “That baby is taking forever to get here.” or “Aren’t you ready to pop?”. The answer to both those questions when you are a sweaty pregnant woman who has packed on an extra 60 pounds […]

How To Afford Your Rock & Roll Lifestyle

Being an unknown writer is an extremely lucrative career. There are days when the pile of paychecks on my desk is taller than the stack of empty coffee cups and I think to myself “When will I have time to cash all these checks, let alone spend all this money?” And then I wake up […]

Bullshit That Makes Me Cry

If you weren’t aware, I’m writing a book. A memoir to be exact and the process is not as fantabulous as I had previously imagined. All the memes about just writing and sitting down to write and making time to write…they need to suck a donkey dick. Telling someone to just sit down and write a […]