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The Pressure To Succeed In January: Let The Memes Guide You

If you aren’t currently at the gym doing at set of 800 burpees or signing a million dollar book deal on your second novel, January is going to be a big fucking let down. Just ask the memes. They have all the answers to a successful month, year, decade, and life and thankfully (nope) they […]

There’s More To Football Than Tight Pants

As a kid, my dad watched football but he never had one particular team he supported nor did he ever spend an afternoon painting his face to prove his loyalty. We always rooted for the underdog and we usually lost. He never had the patience to explain football to any of us, maybe he didn’t […]


As previously stated, I can’t drink like I use to back in the day. I’m older and after giving up alcohol during my pregnancies, I have a low tolerance. Which is great at the bar because I’m a cheap date. My husband has made it his mission in life to question my ability to drink […]