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How To Make A Vlog With No Skills Whatsoever

Every time I turn around there is one more fucking thing that I “should” be doing as an writer and it rarely includes writing. Becoming an author today is all about platform, connecting on social media, researching self publishing and as I learned recently, vlogging. Which is not even a word that my spell check understands. […]

Regretfully Yours, The Boudoir

Quite frequently I make shady decisions whilst under the influence of alcohol, though they aren’t as horrendous as they once were. Age has taught me that I can’t physically handle five margaritas or a bottle of wine on an empty stomach. Both of those lessons were realized in my late twenties, early thirties and neither […]

Living And Very Lost

Sometimes I have an idea for a story that just pops in my head and I can’t stop thinking about it for an entire three minutes, then I lose it. An hour later I’m washing dishes or taking a shower and I think “What was I going to put on the blog on Monday? It […]