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Some Love For Photoshop

Remember a couple of months ago when I drunkenly bought myself a boudoir photo session? Here is the post that describes in detail how I agreed to get naked with a complete stranger and be photographed in my underwear. Clearly that decision involved wine ,because I would have never agreed to that had I been […]

When Was The Last Time You Felt Majestic?

ma·jes·tic adjective characterized by or possessing majesty; of lofty dignity or imposing aspect; stately; grand. It started last week when Miss 11 came downstairs, flopped down on the couch beside me and said “Who is that guy? His hair is majestic.” We were watching Legends of the Fall with the still gorgeous Brad Pitt and his beautiful long mane. If you haven’t gone back in time to […]

Regretfully Yours, The Boudoir

Quite frequently I make shady decisions whilst under the influence of alcohol, though they aren’t as horrendous as they once were. Age has taught me that I can’t physically handle five margaritas or a bottle of wine on an empty stomach. Both of those lessons were realized in my late twenties, early thirties and neither […]