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Some Love For Photoshop

Remember a couple of months ago when I drunkenly bought myself a boudoir photo session? Here is the post that describes in detail how I agreed to get naked with a complete stranger and be photographed in my underwear. Clearly that decision involved wine ,because I would have never agreed to that had I been […]

Sexy Leaves Me Gasping For Air

Apparently I need three or four outfits for this photo shoot and my yoga pants and tank top don’t make the cut. Saturday I broke down and went to Ross for cheap underwear and maybe a decently priced bra or pair of heels I will never wear again. Mission accomplished, but lots of cheap things […]

Regretfully Yours, The Boudoir

Quite frequently I make shady decisions whilst under the influence of alcohol, though they aren’t as horrendous as they once were. Age has taught me that I can’t physically handle five margaritas or a bottle of wine on an empty stomach. Both of those lessons were realized in my late twenties, early thirties and neither […]