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How To Make A Vlog With No Skills Whatsoever

Every time I turn around there is one more fucking thing that I “should” be doing as an writer and it rarely includes writing. Becoming an author today is all about platform, connecting on social media, researching self publishing and as I learned recently, vlogging. Which is not even a word that my spell check understands. […]

It’s Called A Blog Hop And I Was Invited

Recently, a wonderful friend whom I met at the Erma Conference, Risa Nye, asked to feature me as one of the bloggers she follows and then to create my own post about my writing process. It’s called a blog hop, or something like that, and I have never been cool enough to be a part […]

Read These Women, Now!

The bulk of my experience at The Erma Bombeck Writing Conference was meeting writers. My people. My clan. Obviously, my family is my clan, too, but to be immersed for four days with people who know what it’s like to love, edit, hate, and cry about words is just about the most amazing thing. It’s […]