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I’m Having An Intimate Relationship…With My Fit Bit

I’m not training for an Iron Man Competition or a marathon, hell I don’t even walk my dog (mostly because I have kids), but I am an upright mammal who has to walk to the mailbox so that’s physical activity and probably requires tracking. So I requested a Fit Bit for Mother’s Day and then […]

Bike Miles Hurt My Bum

In a recent post here I informed you of the downright stupid decision I had made to sign up for a bike race. Not just any bike race, but a 50 mile bike race through a canyon, on a busy road. In the June heat of Utah. If you think I have a sweating problem […]

Exercise Is Ruining My Body

It’s a new year and there are a lot of people committing to exercise, which is great and also fairly stupid. If you are over the age of 12 you should be aware that all that commitment comes at a hefty price….pain. Due to my lofty goal of staying in shape at 35 my life […]