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Turkey Fail: A Story of Giblets & Penises

Did you enjoy all the food porn from Thanksgiving? The beautifully browned turkeys, plump and shiny sitting on a tasteful serving platter filled to brim with stuffing. Props to all of you amazing chefs and photographers out there, I hope it tasted as good as it looked. The photo you see above is what my […]

My Currents…Not Currants

Recently, I read a post from Erin at mythirtyspot.com, where she shared her currents. Due to my inexperience with blogging and obviously my inability to spell every word in the English language correctly, I expected to see a unique perspective on the current state of currants. The berry. They are berries, right? I openly admit […]

My Giving Challenge: Ugh, Blah and Love

Day 14: What is a gift? It was destined to happen, right? The day where I was so busy, so overwhelmed, and could’t see how or where I would fit in giving a gift. That was today. I needed to do payroll, get some writing assignments sent off and get back home in time to […]