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Yoga: A Story Of Jealousy

This used to be way too true in my life. I bought yoga pants with zest and wore them when I felt spunky, lazy, and for every school drop off from September through May. I never wore them to a yoga class. When I worked out at home, I traded yoga pants for shorty shorts […]

That’s It, I Quit

Hold on to your granny panties for this revelation….I over-committed. Again. Remember when I needed a job where I was moving around all the time, you know, like 5 weeks ago? Yeah, about that. I loved being on my feet all day, I loved the people I worked with and I was finally getting good […]

My Monkey Business

Image courtesy of http://mrmarksclassroom.com My business, your business, our business, monkey business, mind your own business…..I understand all of these concepts. Problem is, I don’t always abide by them. Case in point: A close family member was recently in a destructive relationship. Initially, I liked the guy and I honestly didn’t know how bad it was […]