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Tips For Selling Your House From Someone Who Has A Kill Room

For the second time in our married life, my husband and I are selling our house. This is a surprising predicament to find ourselves in because when we bought this house we had planned to live here until our kids moved out. But shit happens. We thought we wanted a huge home and now we […]

How To Afford Your Rock & Roll Lifestyle

Being an unknown writer is an extremely lucrative career. There are days when the pile of paychecks on my desk is taller than the stack of empty coffee cups and I think to myself “When will I have time to cash all these checks, let alone spend all this money?” And then I wake up […]

50 Shades of Ask For What You Want In The Bedroom

Once in a great while I will receive a text or an email from someone who reads this crap and it will say something like “You should write about _________.” Usually it’s a story they have read in the news or some celebrity bullshit (such as…Kim’s ass photo or Martha Stewart waxing prose on bloggers) […]