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Tips On Enjoying Christmas Without An Elf Or A Shelf

There are plenty of fantastic blog posts about how to properly place your Elf on the Shelf for optimum Christmas happiness. Such as… A calender from People I Want To Punch In The Throat. This is a day by day schedule for placing Gooby McGooberpants in randomly selected locales. Helpful shit. These are supposedly creepy […]

Summer Lessons: A Numbered List

September is a sad and exciting time of year for me. The sadness comes from realizing that very soon I will need a coat and insulated snow boots just to open my front door and the exciting part is everything fall. Pumpkin yumminess, layering (which I’m terrible at and always look like vagabond), changing leaves and […]

At Home Beauty Tips From Dummies

I’ve given up reading magazines. You can blame the internet, but really it’s just a few issues that i have with those glossy prints 1) people don’t look like that 2) even if I could afford that $3,000 scarf, I would never buy it 3) I don’t want your overpriced/under performing beauty products 4) articles […]