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People I Met & The Unused Pitch

I’m gauging from the feedback about my near death experience in San Diego that a lot of you thoroughly enjoy reading about other people’s tragedy. I love that about you guys. I’m the first to admit that above any other type of entertainment, real life fuck ups and mishaps always bring a smile to my […]

The Horrors of Traveling

The list of things that make me feel guilt stricken is long and seemingly unending. This week it includes; not having taken my kids to get pumpkins yet, ordering pizza for dinner because I didn’t plan a well balanced meal, spending money (on anything), and now I can add another to the list….having a terrible […]

The Rest Of The Story

I know you wouldn’t expect any less than the dirty, nasty and sometimes heart shattering truth on this blog. That’s really the whole point, isn’t it? Today, I want to share with you some other experiences I had while attending my first writing conference and let you know that it wasn’t all singing birds and […]