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Walking Away With Our Tail Between Our Legs

There was a time, before I had kids, when I knew the best way to raise kids. I was also an expert on marriage because I had lived with my parents and read books. Somehow that never prepared me for the reality of living with the same person day in and day out for over […]

Dog Days Of Summer

This maniac goes by the name of Oliver. It’s been twelve years since we had a puppy around and the experience is eerily similar to having a baby. You forget how hard the first year is and decide to do it again. Sometimes more than once. Our old pup Colt headed to dog heaven two […]

Loving Dirty Underwear

Our wedding day, August 23, 2000. I did my fair share of dating. By fair share, I mean what I feel was fair and enough that I didn’t need to share myself with anyone else. High school wasn’t the highlight of my life, social or otherwise, so very little dating went on and when I […]