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One Day, You’ll Have To Ask

When I watched This is 40 a couple of years ago, there was this uncomfortable scene where the husband is spread eagle on the bed, a hand held mirror pointed at his rectum, and his wife walks in their bedroom. He asks her for help with some growth or painful sore he has found on […]

Umbrella Challenged And Other DC Tales

After checking the weather forecast for Washington DC this week, I felt that I needed to plan appropriately so we could avoid a massive meltdown. From me. We needed layers, jackets, comfy shoes and umbrellas. “Don’t we have an umbrella around here?” my husband griped after I suggested going to Target for a few items. […]

Fact: I Don’t Know Everything About Marriage

(This post must be preempted by the following: I am not advocating staying in an abusive relationship. This post is for married folks in healthy relationships where each person is being treated with respect, which is a very important foundation of marriage.) A few months ago I had an article posted on Maria Shriver that listed the […]