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Summer Lessons: A Numbered List

September is a sad and exciting time of year for me. The sadness comes from realizing that very soon I will need a coat and insulated snow boots just to open my front door and the exciting part is everything fall. Pumpkin yumminess, layering (which I’m terrible at and always look like vagabond), changing leaves and […]

Motherhood: It’s Not Always A Thankless Job

I’ve had thankless jobs. When I was a young buck, I worked for an ad agency as the front desk bitch of all trades and my boss was the devil. He didn’t wear Prada, but he drove Porsche and had the personality of frightening dictator. He wrote me up one time for not cleaning the […]

Shut Up About Your Child Support

This should go over about as well as a Pepto Bismol martini, but I’m putting it out there anyway. People need to shut up about their child support, because it’s becoming really quite nauseating. I’m probably prejudice because of my experience with child support (or lack thereof) and I will agree that a lot of […]