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My Monkey Business

Image courtesy of http://mrmarksclassroom.com My business, your business, our business, monkey business, mind your own business…..I understand all of these concepts. Problem is, I don’t always abide by them. Case in point: A close family member was recently in a destructive relationship. Initially, I liked the guy and I honestly didn’t know how bad it was […]

Cleaning Lady And The Butter Dish

Image courtesy of http://intodesigninc.wordpress.com/tag/cleaning/   (If I looked like this is an apron, I would burn all the clothes I own and wear this to the grocery store) We have touched on this before, but here we go again….I like to stay busy. Okay, that is putting it mildly, I am addicted to being busy and […]

My Giving Challenge: The End

Day 28: Hello Neighbor and That Body We dragged the kids out of the house this evening and went for a family bike ride/walk. There are many neighbors on our street who we know, wave to and borrow sugar from and quite a few I have never even seen. As we made our way down […]