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If You Want A Secret Life, Follow Me

Being a secret agent or CIA operative is definitely on my list of things I would love to do, but probably never will. (Along with running a marathon and doing a stand-up routine.) It’s the allure of having two separate, secret lives that are both filled with amazing people and experiences you can never divulge […]

I Leave And Then Immediately Want To Go Home

I’m in Nashville, sitting in a beautiful craftsman style home with cupboards full of vodka and Keurig cups. There are no kids, no chores, no schedule to speak of. It’s a vacation. The kind of vacation I dream about when my children are whining about homework or begging me to play one more round of […]

The Horrors of Traveling

The list of things that make me feel guilt stricken is long and seemingly unending. This week it includes; not having taken my kids to get pumpkins yet, ordering pizza for dinner because I didn’t plan a well balanced meal, spending money (on anything), and now I can add another to the list….having a terrible […]