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Death In A Gas Station Bathroom

Warning: This story contains a plethora of complaining and overly dramatic descriptions of one woman’s experience driving in the snow. If it triggers you to send this woman affirmations or messages that read “It could have been worse” ,please move along to a happier, fluffier, more inspirational post. This isn’t it. I almost died in […]

5 Techniques For Bedtime Mayhem

Once my kids surpassed the age of nighttime feedings or toddler bed fiascoes, I felt like we were in the clear. I had day dreams of consecutive hours sleeping in my own bed with only my husband to steal the blankets or touch me with his cold, clammy feet. My kids are old, not 30 […]


As previously stated, I can’t drink like I use to back in the day. I’m older and after giving up alcohol during my pregnancies, I have a low tolerance. Which is great at the bar because I’m a cheap date. My husband has made it his mission in life to question my ability to drink […]