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How To Afford Your Rock & Roll Lifestyle

Being an unknown writer is an extremely lucrative career. There are days when the pile of paychecks on my desk is taller than the stack of empty coffee cups and I think to myself “When will I have time to cash all these checks, let alone spend all this money?” And then I wake up […]

Dialogue Is My Downfall & Other Writing Conundrums

My writing coach hurt my feelings last week but not because she’s an evil Grinch who wants to see me rot in the pits of writing hell, at least I don’t think she does. She wants me to strive for the next level of writing and I, on the other hand, want to stay where […]

Oh That F’ing Book

Momentum is an amazing thing. When you are working or writing or cleaning or whatever it is you do, sometimes you have this fierce drive to accomplish more and more…you have momentum. After I returned from my last writer’s conference in April, I had a butt load of momentum. My book seemed plausible, I knew […]