As previously stated, I can’t drink like I use to back in the day. I’m older and after giving up alcohol during my pregnancies, I have a low tolerance. Which is great at the bar because I’m a cheap date. My husband has made it his mission in life to question my ability to drink more than two beers.
Him: “You sure you want that third?”
Me: “You sure you want to see me naked at some point in the next 6 months? Mind your own business.”

But he’s right, I have had a few brushes with vomiting after only a couple hours of drinking and one episode of Double Dragon. Google that and then try not to judge too harshly. That particular event occurred at my sister’s house after an 8 hour shift, no food and a bottle of wine. Not my proudest moment.
As I have been writing more, I can see why so many writers, past and present, have been alcoholics. It is very challenging to rip your soul out in words every single day and then feel like you haven’t contributed to society in any functional way. Writing a book is especially taxing on my self esteem as I am not sure if or when anyone will ever see it, publish it or love it. It’s like running in circles and telling everyone that’s your job. It creates an overwhelming desire to drink.

Alcohol also has a creative element to it that I am sure any artist can attest to. After a couple of glasses of white wine, I have a slew of ideas for my blog, my book and for articles that I feel are like nothing anyone has ever written before. Then I sober up and wonder why anyone reads the shitty shit I write. It’s enough to want to commit myself to a psychiatric hospital and go crawling back to Starbucks begging for my “real” job back. If you are interested in working your ass off, feeling like you haven’t done a damn thing and becoming an alcoholic, become a writer.

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