Yummy butt crack

Let’s go over the definition of nitpicking shall we…and no it’s not the real definition that you will find in some dictionary so don’t check. It’s my definition. I was reviewed at work today by management and really had no care in the world because I work my ass off every single day, have excellent customer service skills and am so terrified of doing something “wrong” that I go way overboard. Yes this affects my life away from work, but that is a whole other blog. So here we are going over my last 6 months..good work ethic..check…good with customers…check….comes to work on time…check….dress code..NO CHECK. Really? And here is why…apparently tucked in shirts are mandatory. Okay. I seem to remember seeing someone come work on the floor with street clothes recently, but I am sure I am the problem. So in the most uncomfortable conversation I have had with an adult man in my entire life, he proceeds to hint at what has been “seen” during these unfortunate untucked moments. Tattoo, underwear and possible crack….it was not so much said as implied. Got it. Here is my issue. I literally work with people everyday who have full sleeve tattoos, gauges the size of a dinner plate and hair that is falling like autumn leaves and that seems to be no problem what so ever. Hey, I have an idea for a company that pays minimum wage and expects the world…lets not try so desperately to find fault in an untucked shirt and turn a blind eye to some asshole who shows up to work in pajama pants. Just a thought.